Book Chapters

Book Title: Scars and Keloids

Margaret O. Ilomuanya, Ibilola M. Cardoso-Daodu, Uloma N. Ubani-Ukoma and Adannaya C. Adebona. Polymeric Biomaterials for Wound Healing Incorporating Plant Extracts and Extracellular Matrix Components

Imprint: InTech Open
Published Date: July 8th 2021

Book Title: : Nano - and Micro -Encapsulation – Techniques and Applications

Ndidi C. Ngwuluka, Nedal Y. Abu-Thabit, Onyinye J. Uwaezuoke, Joan O. Erebor, Margaret O. Ilomuanya, Riham R. Mohamed, Soliman M.A. Soliman, Mahmoud H. Abu Elella and Noura A.A. Ebrahim. Natural Polymers in Micro- and Nanoencapsulation for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications: Part II – Polysaccharides and Proteins

Imprint: InTech Open
Published Date: January 4th 2021

Book Title: Biopolymer Based Formulations

Ilomuanya M.O.: Hydrogels as biodegradable biopolymer formulations. In: Biopolymer-Based Formulations. Elsevier, Cambridge 2020, 561–585

Paperback ISBN: 9780128168974
Imprint: Elsevier Published Date: 17th January 2020

Book Title: Advanced Functional Materials

Samson O. Adeosun, Margaret O. Ilomuanya, Oluwashina P. Gbenebor, Modupeola O. Dada and Cletus C. Odili. Biomaterials for Drug Delivery: Sources, Classification, Synthesis, Processing, and Application.

Imprint: InTech Open
Published Date: 25th August 2020

Book Title: Nano - and Micro - Encapsulation - Techniques and Applications

Ndidi C. Ngwuluka, Nedal Y. Abu-Thabit, Onyinye J. Uwaezuoke, Joan O. Erebor, Margaret O. Ilomuanya, Riham R. Mohamed, Soliman M. A. Soliman, Mahmoud H. Abu Elella and Noura A. A. Ebrahim. Natural Polymers in Micro- and Nanoencapsulation for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications: Part I: Lipids and Fabrication Techniques IntechOpen

Imprint: InTech Open
Published Date: December 29th 2020

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